Xbox Series X includes tactile for the visually impaired


Xbox Series X has small elements that help inclusivity. Next to the input ports are small tactile indicators. Xbox Series X has small design details thought to be inclusive. This has been revealed by Bryce Johnson, including lead in Microsoft Devices, through his official Twitter account. The rear ports of the console are accompanied by tactile indicators along with their visual icon, designed for blind people.

“An inclusive design curiosity. E suggested we put tactile indicators (for the blind) over the Xbox Series X ports, it also helps to get the wiring in. Kaitlyn Jones worked with the design team and our community. It is not a complete solution but we will see how it works and we will learn ”, she explains in a tweet accompanied by an image of the ports.

Kaitlyn Jones is a Program Manager on the Xbox Accessibility team. In another tweet, Jones clarifies that it is not braille, but “a distinctive pattern” for each type of port.

The division has shown its commitment to making the video game a gathering place for all people. Johnson himself was one of the creators of the Xbox adaptive controller, which has been marketed since 2018.

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