Xbox Series X, final impressions: console, controller


Everything about the new Microsoft console, which we have used in recent weeks and which presents important news for its premiere in November. Welcome to the Next Gen.

Xbox Series X has been with us for several days now. During the last weeks we have been leaving pills of content that we could offer, until today: the embargo for impressions has ended and we can unleash everything that we are looking for the new Microsoft console, which officially goes on sale next November 10. Two intense weeks, testing dozens of games, features, the new controller, downloading, installing and moving content. That they have helped us to embrace many functionalities from which we do not want to detach ourselves ever again. The Next Gen is a leap forward in many ways. And Xbox Series X boasts of it. Welcome to the new generation of consoles. Welcome to the fourth generation of Xbox.

The first thing that we can and should highlight is how the console looks visually. Since the design was shown it was clear that it was a device that could fit anywhere. An ortohedron of about 30 centimeters high, 15.1 x15.1 wide, elegant and minimalist with the grill and the characteristic green color of the brand on the upper part, precisely where, among other places, it expels the air from the console. It maintains in its front part the button to extract the discs in the player and the synchronization button to link our remote. Behind, everything we expected and already knew.

The rear connections are divided into an HDMI 2.1 port, three USB 3.1 ports (one at the front), dual-band 802.11 WiFi, 802.3 10/100/1000 Ethernet input and the input for expansion cards designed exclusively for the console. All this with a weight that does not reach 4.5 kilos and a curious detail, signs that serve to identify each entry for blind people. On a visual level, we simply like it a lot. The console looks elegant on all four sides, pun intended, and fits well in any living room. Note that it also allows it to be placed horizontally if we wish, measuring more or less the same length as Xbox One X.

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Does Series X overheat? How long does it take to turn on?

One of the debates that has been opened in recent days on the networks has come from comments that assured that the console was overheating and that this could be a problem. The reality, in our weeks of testing, is far from such a statement. For starters, the console does not heat up. In any case, it expels heat from the top, and that, as it is now closer to hand, can attract attention. But it neither expels uncontrollable heat nor is it more than what we have noticed by putting our hand behind Xbox One X or behind Playstation 4 Pro. To be precise: good news that it is able to expel heat from the places that are intended for it , would be missing more. So you can rest assured in this regard because at least in these game sessions we have not noticed anything out of the ordinary.


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