Xbox Series X dresses as Borderlands Claptrap


2K Games is giving away a unique unit in the world of Microsoft’s next-generation console along with its fully customized controller.

2K Games together with XboxPope present a unique edition in the world of Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation console, based on the Borderlands saga, more specifically on one of its most charismatic characters, the friendly Claptrap. And it is that the form of Xbox Series X adapts fantastically to the very design of such an ingenious robot from the Borderlands universe, turning each of its faces into a part of Claptrap himself. And best of all, 2K Games UK raffles such an exclusive Xbox Series X unit among its followers.

Fully customized console and controller

Thus, both the shell of the console and the controller itself offer a unique look, almost as if we had our own Claptrap at home; yes, without its characteristic lower wheel or arms. For the rest, the design of this Xbox Series X fits perfectly to what a Claptrap would be in real life (a little wider, yes) with all kinds of details of what looks like a vinyl stuck on the original case.

For its part, the new Xbox Series X controller also features a fully customized design in the style of the popular Gearbox Software saga, also imitating the look of Claptrap on its front shell and surrounding the Xbox button with what would be the central eye of the robot. However, 2K Games United Kingdom will raffle together with XboxPope this unique unit of the Microsoft console through social networks and in which creativity will be the key to choosing the winner.

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Recall that Microsoft has been characterized in recent years by all kinds of custom consoles, both limited editions created by the company itself and custom consoles by third parties that have also been raffled off among the community.


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