Xbox Series X: controller is approved


The control of the Xbox Series X was approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), last week, according to information from the specialized website InserFicha.

With that, the product can be marketed in Brazil, although Microsoft has not yet commented on the beginning of sales or the price of the console. Designated as a 1914 model, the agency’s documentation includes photos of the device and even the complete user manual. Unlike the PlayStation 5 (PS5) DualSense, the new Xbox controller uses batteries, but it rivals Sony’s option with the offer of adaptive triggers.

Anatel’s certification process, open to public consultation, contains images of the control and the entire user manual. The images do not reveal any great news regarding the accessory, they just indicate that the unit submitted to the Brazilian authorities is still considered a prototype, according to the label.

The Xbox Series X controller will have some new features compared to the current versions used on Xbox One. One of them is haptic feedback, in which the controller produces more complex sensations of touch than the simple vibration, common in current gamepads. There are also triggers with an adjustable pressure level and a whole set of technologies designed to reduce latency, in an effort that should make Xbox games with the controller more agile and fluid.

Other features are the options for wireless connectivity or via USB-C, in addition to the offer of a removable directional pad, as with the Elite version of the current Xbox controller. Regarding the battery, Microsoft has already explained that it knows the theme of the battery vs. drums are controversial among players, but understand that the option for ordinary batteries is more interesting for your audience.

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