Xbox Series X Comes In Appearance Mini Fridge – Video


Xbox Series X comes with a mini fridge in its appearance. Microsoft ended its E3 2021 show with a pretty cool announcement: The Xbox Series X-shaped mini fridge, which the company promised to make after beating Skittles in a Twitter poll, will go on sale overseas in late 2021.

Officially named Xbox Mini Fridge, that is, Xbox Mini Fridge, this product is described by Microsoft as “the most powerful mini fridge in the world”. In its promotional video, Microsoft emphasizes the architecture of the refrigerator, which it calls the “Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture”. Here, reference is also made to the hardware structure called “Velocity Architecture” of Xbox Series X.

When the Xbox Series X was first announced in 2019, people compared its boxy shape to a refrigerator. Microsoft later made fun of its own product on social media based on this analogy. Moreover, the upcoming Xbox Mini Fridge will not actually be the only Xbox Series X-shaped refrigerator. The company had previously promised to release a real, full-size, X-Series refrigerator in November.


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