Xbox Series X boasts backward compatibility


Microsoft boasts one of the unique features of its new generation of consoles, which will be compatible with thousands of launch games.

Xbox Series X will be compatible with thousands of video games since its launch thanks to the improved backward compatibility they are working on in a dedicated department of the company. With the commitment that practically all Xbox One games and a vast amount of Xbox 360 and the original Xbox can run on the new generation of Microsoft, the North American firm has recalled in an official post what that backward compatibility will be like and its current state , because each game is tested one by one.

Backward compatibility with improvements: up to 4K, HDR, loading times …

“Our backward compatibility team continues to work on innovations that can be applied to a select list of titles that will feature enhancements far beyond what was originally created,” they begin by saying. Therefore, as with Xbox One X, backward compatible games will look better on Xbox Series X than on the respective platforms where they were released.

This optimization is summarized in the possibility of offering graphics in 4K resolution, HDR reconstruction techniques for games released before it existed, FPS doubling (up to 120 FPS), anisotropic filters to improve image quality …

Although Xbox Series S will also be backward compatible, the lower-priced, lower-performance console will not have such a number of advantages, but rather reduced ones that Microsoft has yet to confirm. Days ago we learned that the console will not have the improvements applied by Xbox One X (“Enhancements”) given its inability to offer graphics in 4K resolution natively; we look forward.

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