Xbox Series X | Backward compatible with S, One catalog


Microsoft also confirms that all Xbox and Xbox 360 games that previously worked will also work on the new consoles.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S catalogs will still have to wait for Halo Infinite, but players who purchase one of the models will be able to access a huge library of titles. Microsoft has endeavored to offer extensive backward compatibility, which not only includes games from its current generation console, but also those from the rest of the Xbox family. Those of Redmond have announced that at launch all Xbox One video games will be backward compatible. And not only that: so will those Xbox and Xbox 360 products that were already backward compatible before.

“After more than 500K hours of testing, we are delighted to be able to share that all Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games playable on Xbox One today, with the exception of those that require Kinect, will be available and viewed and played. better on Xbox Series X | S at launch, “says Microsoft’s Jason Ronald.

Double the framerate in some games

The North American giant has worked hard to make these characteristics effective, to the point that some specific titles will improve their performance drastically. As they said in a statement, products like Fallout 4, which previously ran at 30 fps, will now run at 60 fps: “The team dedicated to backward compatibility has developed new methods to effectively double the framerate on select titles,” they reported. .

Many backward compatible games will feature a 16x anisotropic filter, not to mention HDR, which is implemented automatically. This new effect, they promise, will not compromise the creative vision of the original studios.

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Both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be available on November 10 in all major markets, at a recommended price of 499.99 euros and 299.99 euros respectively. Unlike PlayStation 5, whose two models only differ by the inclusion or not of the reader,


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