Xbox Series X and Series S Now Available Worldwide


The new Microsoft consoles reach stores around the planet, including Spain; two very different bets for different audiences.

The new generation of consoles begins. This November 10 is a day of celebration for the video game universe: Microsoft puts on sale Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S the two new models of its new family of consoles after a long cycle of seven years full of unforgettable titles. The Redmond giant, which will hold a celebratory event this Tuesday afternoon, launches its respective machines at two very different prices and with very different bets.

What they offer and how they differ from Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Phil Spencer’s team understands that today’s user community is divided into two types: those who want to make the leap with cutting-edge technology and enjoy everything to the fullest, and those who prefer to jump without worrying about resolutions, physical format or storage available. For this reason, the North American firm goes from one extreme to another: the most powerful console in history, Xbox Series X, and a solution that is committed to guaranteeing value for money without neglecting next-generation technology.

On the one hand, Xbox Series X arrives with 12 TFLOPS of power. For 499 euros we received a machine prepared to move video games in 4K natively with a large number of them at 60 FPS. Inside we find an APU developed by AMD in a custom way, eight Zen 2 cores at 3.8 GHz and a GPU with 52 CUs at 1.825 GHz and RDNA 2 architecture. Its RAM memory is 16 GB and its internal storage is a fast SSD of 1 TB.

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The goal of Xbox Series S is different. It can’t run games at 4K, but up to 1440p (which is above Full HD) and support for up to 120 FPS, like its bigger sister. It also does not have a disc reader, it is only digital, while its internal storage is 512 GB instead of 1 TB. Otherwise, they have identical technology, although the CPU is somewhat slower (3.6 GHz) and the GPU is 4 TFLOPS. Also, the RAM is reduced to 10 GB. Its price is 299 euros.

Otherwise, both have Xbox Velocity Architecture, VRR (variable refresh rate) and VRS (variable rate shading) and are supported by Xbox Game Pass, a service with more than 200 games available —after the incorporation of EA Play in Ultimate— for a monthly fee. If we add to that the improved backward compatibility, which applies reductions in loading times and improvements in resolution and FPS in hundreds of games, Microsoft is betting on its definitive hardware. In total, they have 23 internal studios working exclusively for the Xbox ecosystem.

We invite you to consult this technical comparison between the two consoles to know all their differences in depth and to understand which solution best suits your needs.


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