Xbox Series X: 4k Dashboard Finally Comes to Console


One of the most important differentials of the new generation of consoles, such as Xbox Series X, is running games in 4K resolution. It turns out that the device’s own interface ran at maximum 1080p. It appears that this issue will finally be resolved, according to announcements made by Xbox Insider program director Brad Rossetti on Twitter.

On Monday 16, he announced that Xbox Insider Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha members could now update their consoles to the new version, which would support 4K resolution from the game’s splash screen. This will bring more clarity, as well as improve text reading — and if the console was made to run in 4K, it’s only logical that everything runs in 4K, right?

Many fans of the Microsoft console were asking for 4K support on all interfaces, the point is that it took almost a year after the device was launched for that to happen.

After much feedback, the development team is bringing the highest resolution to its top-of-the-line console, the Xbox Series X — it’s still unclear whether the Series S will also receive the update, although it has support for 4K. The point is that, in replies to Brad Rossetti’s tweet, people are already asking if this higher resolution can’t affect game performance — which, everyone will agree, is more important than a nice interface, right?

However, if you asked yourself that same question, rest assured: other users have said that the RAM used by the games and the interface would be different, so one thing wouldn’t interfere with the other. Of course, in practice, everything can be different. So if you’ve already tried this new Xbox Series X update, let us know in the comments what you think.


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