Xbox Series: Update Makes Quick Resume Even Faster


Xbox Series: Microsoft announced on Tuesday that the May update to the Xbox Series X / S will make several improvements to Quick Resume. The function that allows you to switch between several games without losing the pause point is faster and has gained an organization window.

According to the console’s official blog, Quick Resume is more reliable and easier to organize. In addition to the shorter loading time, the technology now allows to group and identify the games in stand-by. In this group, it will be possible to choose a game to start quickly or to exclude a game from the fast resume state.

In addition, a tag was also created to help identify which titles are compatible with the function.

Other additions

This month’s console update will also have other new features, such as ticket audios, which promise to improve the sound quality of streaming apps like Disney +, Apple TV and others.

“Pass-through audio allows audio decoding of media applications on their compatible HDMI devices to bypass the console for the highest quality listening experience with your external sound system,” explained Microsoft.

Check out the list with everything that the update will bring to the Xbox Series X / S:

Game trailer with Game Pass: the service will have an option with faster and easier access to watch game trailers that are in the library.
New background: a new dynamic wallpaper customization will be offered. With the name “Motes”, it offers an effect of points of bright lights moving in the background of the system.
New Xbox Family Settings option: Starting this month, it will be possible to approve multiplayer games by specific titles so that minors can play. The child can send a request to the parents to unlock the game, and the notification will inform all the details about the game.
Improvements to the Xbox app for Android and iOS: the app has gained a new push notification to know when friends are online, an achievements page with news and changes to chat guides.
Smart Glass for PC: the application will be discontinued from June this year. Instead, players will be suggested to use the Xbox app on Windows 10 computers.
So, what did you think of the improvements? What did you think of the new Quick Resume? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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