Xbox Series S will be updated with the interface it will use


Microsoft its New Xbox Experience in October with a redesign of the console menu, which includes new features such as custom themes for the profile.

Through Xbox Wire and Harrison Hoffman, Product Manager at Xbox, we learned that an update for Xbox One will be released this week that will completely renew and change the console’s interface. With it, it is expected that from now on its menus look like those announced for Xbox Series X / S. To the obvious (albeit slight) aesthetic changes we must also add 15% more speed when exiting the games or moving between its options (a percentage that will increase —and even triple— with the new generation consoles).

Custom themes for the profile

The interface also has a new screen to choose a user as soon as the console is turned on (unless we have activated the automatic login) and what is more important, it involves the premiere of the themes to customize our profile. Although the dynamic themes and for the main menu are reserved for the new generation, we can now edit and give the color and the motifs that we want to our small user corner. With the October update, the first three themes will be released, which are the following and, to continue feeding our hype and hunger for the next gen, they are based on Xbox Series X / S

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