Xbox Series S Unveiled with Next-Generation Controller


There has been a new leak regarding the Xbox Series S, the second game console Microsoft will announce this year. Leaked box images of the controller for the next generation Xbox show that this game console will be in white and will have a joint game controller with the Xbox Series X.

US-based technology giant Microsoft is currently working on the new game console Xbox Series X. The game console, which is expected to be released at the end of the year, has dozens of features that will excite the players. However, there is a claim that has been made frequently, especially recently. According to this claim, Microsoft will release another affordable game console called “Xbox Series S” with the Xbox Series X.

There is nothing detailed known about the Xbox Series S. It is said that Microsoft will redesign the Xbox Series X by reducing some of its features, thus creating an affordable console. A recent leak seems to confirm the existence of the Xbox Series S through the controller. Moreover, it seems that this game console will be in white, not black like the Xbox Series X.

Here’s the box for the Xbox Series S leaked controller

You can interpret the box image you see above as a white Xbox Series X. Yes, that’s the right approach. However, the “Xbox Series X / S” detail on the introductory papers inside the box is a clear indication that Microsoft will not be satisfied with a single console model this year. Moreover, it seems that Microsoft’s new game consoles can be controlled with common controllers.

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The fact that the controller, which seems to belong to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, is white is an indication that not only the Xbox Series S but also the Xbox Series X can be white. However, there is nothing clear about this issue for now. Microsoft can take such an approach to make the difference between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Perhaps gamers will meet the white Xbox Series X in the future. Only time will tell.

Some of the claims made in the past have shown that players will not wait for the Xbox Series S for too long. Because allegedly, Microsoft will announce the second new Xbox model in August. If these claims reflect the truth, Microsoft will soon organize a new event and announce the Xbox Series S. With the possible event, all the details about the Xbox Series S will be revealed.


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