Xbox Series S sharing no one noticed


A remarkable statement was made about Microsoft’s new game console, the Xbox Series S. In the statement made via the official Xbox Twitter account, Microsoft’s previous Xbox Series S sharing was brought to the agenda. It was also noted that no one noticed this. Apparently, the publications will be checked in more detail in the next period.

Xbox Series S sharing made before the promotion

From the official Xbox account, it was humorously revealed that Microsoft had previously leaked the Xbox Series S game console, but no one noticed it.

The Xbox Series S model is shown in the background as part of an online interview attended by Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox management, in July 2020. When looked carefully, the Xbox Series S model shows itself on the cabinet shelves in the room where Phil Spencer was on the air. This means that Microsoft actually attempted to spoof the new game console months before the official introduction, but it was not noticed by anyone.

In this humorously shared Twitter post, the name Phil Spencer also interacted and informed the names of the interviewe about the tweet. However, as far as it seems, it has not been noticed before in any way.

After this sharing, it is understood that Microsoft publications will be followed from a different angle. Although it is unlikely that a similar spoofing attempt will be made from now on, many people will examine the publications in more detail.


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