Xbox Series S release date and features announced!


The first date of the new generation consoles expected to be released this year has finally arrived. The release date and the features it brings have been announced for the Xbox Series S, whose price was announced on September 8! Here are the new Xbox Series S release date and features …

Xbox Series S release date has been announced!

Series S, which is expected to be the most affordable among the next generation consoles, but also contains lower hardware components in terms of hardware, release date and features were announced with a video published by Microsoft.

According to the results, the new console will be released on November 10. Series S, a digital console, will be able to play 1440p 120 FPS games. It will also offer technological support such as Ray Traycing support, low latency, 4K streaming capability, and upscaling game resolutions to 4K.

The Xbox Series S will be available for $ 299.


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