Xbox Series S; On the Xbox Game Pass card


The possible alternative model to Xbox Series X is still not announced by Microsoft, but there are already several appointments to its name in official products.

Xbox Series S has been mentioned once again in an official Microsoft product. The one that is assumed to be a lower-performance model than Xbox Series X within the family of new-generation consoles from the North American company is now cited in an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate download card, as echoed by a North American user on his personal Twitter account.

The player, BraviaryBrendan in this social network, has bought a new blue Xbox Wirelles Controller and, as usual, there is a 14-day download code for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the premium mode of the game. Microsoft’s membership service that includes Xbox Live Gold. The surprise comes next: “Claim your free 14-day code. Includes Xbox Live Gold and Unlimited Access to Over 100 High-Quality Games on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10 “.

The way of citing it makes two things clear: the first, that this model, Xbox Series S, undoubtedly belongs to the Xbox Series X family of consoles; the second, that it is a console whose announcement is imminent, since Xbox Series X will go on sale in November.

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