Xbox Series S is already meeting its goal


The new Microsoft console is aimed at a specific audience that, after several days on sale, reflects the arrival of new players on Xbox.

It is almost a month since I started using an Xbox Series S for the analysis that we published in MeriStation. Now that I have my Xbox Series X as my main console, I can put into perspective what is and what is not Microsoft’s next-generation affordable solution; and I realize that their existence is not only perfectly justified, but that their role in the market is paying off right from the start. Surely it is not the console for me, which I seek and demand the maximum for my personal circumstances, but I think we must look out there to realize that opening the doors to new types of public hides a lot of sense.

Microsoft reported this past Friday that Xbox Series X | S has registered the best debut in the history of Xbox. Although I do not want to focus on that, which is a long-distance race and, in reality, it is a data that does not tell us anything now. What does tell us about an encouraging future for the North American firm is that 70% of the Xbox Series X | S consoles during the first three days on sale were connected to Xbox Game Pass; between old and new members. If that percentage is maintained when there are 70 or 80 million consoles sold, the current 15 million subscribers to the service of games on demand will seem few compared to the base that can be built.

Xbox Series S is bringing new players to the Xbox ecosystem

And that’s where Xbox Series S comes in, whose digital-only nature fully embraces Xbox Game Pass. The first official report throws a not at all trivial data: Xbox Series S represented the largest number of new players for any Xbox console at its launch.

Considering that a third of the Xbox Series corresponded to the S model at the UK debut, there is no doubt that there is a new audience that is entering the Xbox ecosystem. If Nintendo wanted to approach new horizons with Wii and Nintendo DS (and achieved it based on an innovative way of playing plus software that married that philosophy), Microsoft has chosen to lower the barrier of entry to its already attractive ecosystem, whose biggest Achilles heel today is the exclusive software offering.

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That this content will arrive soon is something guaranteed, as witnessed by the 23 names that make up Xbox Game Studios. Now, for the moment, there is an unprecedented scenario: for € 299 we can make the leap to a new generation of home consoles that the Japanese and North American giant fight.

“During this first month with Xbox Series S I have not noticed as many differences with Xbox Series X as I expected”

That is another audience, the young man who calculates you pay month by month and sells old goods so that the bills are paid, the one who still has a monitor with which he uses his computer at the same time, does not worry about 4K, does not have the habit of buying physical games and does not distinguish between teraflops. Xbox Series S is also aimed at that audience, a console that can perform its function perfectly in the living room, for a family or as an “all-in-one” accessory console that also acts as a player for Nerflix, Disney + and company. .

You know what? During this first month with Xbox Series S I have not noticed as many differences with Xbox Series X as I expected. It is fast, much faster and more efficient than Xbox One X; to which I find no reason to return. It is limited, in space and resolution; but it is powerful, yes it is.

The question now is whether the companies (Capcom or SEGA, who have dispensed with functions with Devil May Cry V and Yakuza: Like a Dragon) are going to look at this alternative called to represent many people. Xbox Series S makes more sense than we thought, but only time will tell us its place in this generation.


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