Xbox Series S has low load times for some games


Phil Spencer ensures that some of the console titles will load faster on this model than on the high-end. He feels surprised.

Xbox Series S will be able to load games at a speed that has surprised Phil Spencer himself; bigger even than Xbox Series X in some titles. In a meeting with Kotaku, the Xbox boss declared himself astonished by the performance of this cheaper solution of the new generation of Microsoft consoles, which for 299 euros will allow the leap despite sacrificing power, not reaching 4K, no have a disc reader and cut your internal storage in half.

Although he calls Xbox Series X a “beast”, in terms of Series S he also has good words. “To be honest, the S Series has surprised me when it comes to its performance,” he begins by saying. Although he has not gone into specific details – as soon as we have the console we will make our own comparisons in MeriStation -, he does ensure that the no need to load content in 4K resolution and, therefore, put less effort into the system, has allowed

The absence of 4K in Xbox Series S will benefit the loading times of the console

An example is the promising launch game The Falconeer, which we talked about a few days ago in the magazine. This independent title will run at 1800p and 60 FPS on Xbox Series S, while on Xbox Series X it will run at 4K resolution (almost double) and 60 FPS. Lower graphics, longer load times; even though the gross power of this low-priced model will be lower.

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For the rest, we remember that Xbox Series S is 60% smaller than its older sister, although it will not have a disc player and will lose physical backward compatibility along the way; it will be digital only. While on Xbox Series X the standard resolution will be 4K with up to 120 FPS in compatible games, on Xbox Series S we will have a 1440p (2K) objective option and up to 120 FPS, although it can be scaled non-natively to Ultra HD. Multimedia content can be run at 4K. Likewise, ray-tracing and the so-called Xbox Velocity are guaranteed in both models, in addition to backward compatibility with thousands of games throughout Xbox history since its launch and Xbox Game Pass as master of ceremonies.

You can check the differences between Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S here. They will go on sale on November 10 worldwide for 499 euros and 299 euros, respectively.


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