Xbox Series S analytics: best value for money?


We break down everything about the model of benefits and reduced price of the new generation of Microsoft consoles, a product that gives a lot for very little.

Skepticism around Xbox Series S has been a constant since before its introduction. A model with reduced benefits compared to Xbox Series X and still feel like a new generation machine? It is logical to consider the dilemma between an Xbox One X and the one that is today the protagonist; as well as wondering what the fine print is for Microsoft to tell us that for 299 euros we can jump to the next gen. That is why we are here, to try to clarify all your questions and find the good and the bad of the white of the house, which we already anticipated has pleasantly surprised us and we think it is a purchase whose value for money is surely unbeatable today . It is not exempt from objectionable aspects.

Initial thoughts on Xbox Series S

The intention with this analysis is not to constantly report specifications —for that, we invite you to consult this technical comparison between both models in the Series range—, but to tell you about our user experience after more than two weeks playing afternoons and nights, completing titles backward compatible earrings and many others to which we have already had access optimized for this opportunity. To be honest, we have to advise that updates are being a constant since we received the console; Things have been optimized and there is still room for some of the weaknesses that we are commenting on today to be solved as of this November 10. If so, we will update this content accordingly to bring it as close as possible to what you can receive in your homes from the launch date.

That said, a small basic review that answers what is Xbox Series S, who is intended and what is not Xbox Series S; In other words, why those 200 euros of difference with respect to the powerful black monolith that Salva Fernàndez has been in charge of analyzing. Broadly speaking, the difference stems from the absence of the disc reader; absence of 4K resolution (can reach up to 2K, 1440p); 512 GB instead of 1 TB of storage; 10 GB of RAM instead of 16 GB, a slightly less powerful CPU and 4 TFLOPS instead of 12 TLFOPs on its GPU. Both have Xbox Velocity Architecture to take full advantage of SSD, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and VRS (Variable Rate Shading) memories, a technology that will optimize image quality and fluidity in a fairly sophisticated and effective way. Therefore, here is the first advantage of Xbox Series S compared to Xbox One X in the technological plane: it is a next-generation console. But how much? Let’s go step by step.

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During the analysis period, there were initially few games that took advantage of the console’s 2K resolution, so most of the titles were run under its version of Xbox One at 1080p. That wasn’t an impediment for games like Monster Hunter World to guarantee a constant 60 frames per second rate. During this analysis period we have tested already optimized titles, such as Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Sea of ​​Thieves, DiRT 5, Gears Tactics, Manifold Garden, The Touryst, Gears 5 or Forza Horizon 4. Is the experience better than with Xbox One ? Yes, much better, because the optimization of some and the Auto HDR of others allows that, without doing anything, games that did not have HDR look with more tone, with greater interpretation of colors on the same screen, which makes up for the absence higher resolution.


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