Xbox Says Can’t Compare to PlayStation Exclusives Yet


They have been in the video game industry for 20 years, 5 less than Sony
In November 2021 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Xbox as a brand and several games that have grown with the Microsoft console. During all that time, we have seen a bit of everything, victories, painful learnings and titles that many fans keep in their memory.


However, what happens when you make the inevitable comparison between Xbox and PlayStation? Is it fair? It’s worth it? It should be remembered that Sony Interactive Entertainment has been 5 years longer than Microsoft’s video games division and that gives a certain advantage.

Now, during an interview with the Kinda Funny Games podcast, Microsoft Studios head honcho Matt Booty stated that Xbox needs immersive triple-A experiences like those related to Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“First, just to mention it, kudos to Sony and their studio system and the leaders they have there, I want to say it’s fantastic,” said Matt Booty. “You can’t argue with the quality, the art and the games they’ve delivered, the ones they’re working on now, and the things we’ve seen so far, so kudos to them.”

What game is Xbox missing to keep up with PlayStation?

During the interview, Matt Booty emphasizes that on Xbox they try to pay attention to the expectations of the fans and that on PlayStation they have those kinds of games that attract everyone’s attention and those proposals are also important.

“And it certainly has been a place where we haven’t been up front, we haven’t really had the one-on-one kind of thing with Sony,” Matt Booty added. ‘I don’t necessarily want to get into: what is our Uncharted? What is our Horizon Zero Dawn? What is our this? What is our other? I don’t think that will do anybody any good. ‘

Now, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Phil Spencer recently declared that they continue to invest in studios and that they will have to develop those games that thrill their audience and that is the most important thing for them.


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