Xbox ‘Project: Mara’ gets a teaser highlighting the work


The development team at Ninja Theory, a renowned studio acquired by Microsoft and now part of the Xbox Games Studio, published this week a new teaser for Project: Mara, a psychological horror game that will take place in a single environment reproduced in the most faithful way and that has the potential to mark the history of video games (positively, we hope).

In a video published by the developer’s YouTube channel, we see the team’s efforts to capture the reality of an apartment and reproduce it, as faithfully as possible, with all visible details, the apartment where the game will take place.

Four and a half minutes long, it is detailed that Ninja Theory contacted Clear Angle’s environment reproduction specialists to accurately measure the environment, using a LiDAR sensor (present in iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro models) to map the entire local.

It is also revealed that, in order to faithfully reproduce the quantity of details and maintain the highest quality, it was necessary to create procedurally generated elements, at random, to save time.

The objective of Project: Mara is, in fact, to deliver an extremely well detailed map and rich in fidelity, and exactly because of this, given the gigantic scope of the project, the game will take place within the same environment.

Project: Mara was revealed in January 2020 as “a real and faithful representation of psychological terror, based on reports of real experiences and in-depth research”. The experimental title will be released for Xbox Series X / S and, quite possibly, for Windows 10, but we do not know if the game also reaches Xbox One. The release date remains unknown.


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