Xbox Plans To Discontinue Live Gold, Journalist Says


Xbox: The insider and writer Jeff Grubb said on Thursday (8) that the Xbox will end the Live Gold service. According to the journalist, the only reason the platform has not been discontinued before is that the Game Pass has not yet reached a specific subscriber goal. Microsoft has not announced this change, so the statements are rumors.

During the Giant Bomb platform’s GrubbSnax show, Jeff said, “I want to reiterate that Xbox Live Gold is hanging on a board of ‘things that will go away at some point.’ I don’t know if they’re talking about it now, but it still exists planning that Xbox Live Gold will be dropped”.

Lifespan is still uncertain

Grubb claimed the end of the service for the first time in 2020 after the leak of Halo Infinite’s newly confirmed free multiplayer. “Halo online only makes sense with the end of Live Gold’s barrier to at least free-to-play games,” he warned.

In April 2021, Microsoft reported that free games are subscription-free to play on the internet. The revelation came as an “apology” from the company, which announced an increase in the US monthly fee — the adjustment was canceled 24 hours later.


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