Xbox Opens A Virtual Museum For The 20th Anniversary Of The Platform


Xbox: Players can explore the history of Xbox and the different consoles and eras that Microsoft has launched. Four generations of consoles, 20 years of history and stories. In the background, adventures and misadventures, successes and failures, changing business models and a promising future. Following the Xbox 20th Anniversary event, the company continues to celebrate the birthday. Now, players have the opportunity to visit a virtual museum, through which they can discover all the ins and outs of the brand.

When entering the web, the first thing one sees is a screen with the twentieth anniversary logo. In front of her, a table with the four main consoles, that is, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. You can also access a gallery dedicated to Halo, its star saga, and another that requires logging in with the account to access your own personal museum.

If you click on any of the sections, you will automatically be transported to the specific gallery. You control a character, which you can move around the stage thanks to the keyboard. As if it were a real museum, you meet other visitors and you can enjoy the different works on display, in this case focused on Xbox.

All in one device

Something that all Xbox consoles have ended up doing is adding backward compatibility with games from past generations. In the middle of 2021, already with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on the market, it is possible to access a huge catalog of games, which the Microsoft team has been testing and improving. Hand in hand with FPS Boost, some select titles improve their performance, to the point of doubling their framerate.

The future of backward compatibility is, however, uncertain. The truth is that after incorporating 76 video games recently, those from Redmond reported that in principle there would be no more, either due to technical or licensing problems. In any case, Microsoft emphasizes that the commitment continues to be to seek solutions in this direction.