Xbox One X / S 1 TB SSD expansion costs $ 2399


After a pre-sale listing on the Best Buy website, Microsoft confirmed that the new generation Xbox’s proprietary extra storage cards will cost $ 219.99. With 1 TB of additional space, the SSD, manufactured in partnership with Seagate, will be the only storage peripheral compatible with Xbox Series S / X enhancements and Xbox Velocity architecture.

Despite the exclusivity in compatibility, the publication does not mean that it will not be possible to expand the internal memory of the Xbox Series. Players who wish to have a wider space to save their data and games will be able to purchase other external SSD or HD memories that have USB 3.1 connection, however the performance of the saved games in the expansion will not be the same as those of the internal memory.

Jason Ronald, Xbox software management leader, confirmed that Seagate’s 1 TB SSD Game Drive will be able to replicate the same experience of fast in-game loads and performance in accessing the interface without undermining the game.

Used only for next generation games, the product description on the Best Buy website also revealed that the card will be “the only expansion card available that replicates the Xbox Velocity architecture – providing faster load times, richer environments and gameplay. more engaging “.

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