Xbox One X: Advantages Leap Generations


The arrival of this new model with reduced benefits compared to Xbox Series X is a real leap compared to the veteran Xbox One X.

Xbox Series S will be the entry level of the new generation of Microsoft consoles. Its launch is scheduled for November 10 for 299 euros, a considerable difference from the 499 euros for Xbox Series X, with which we compare it in this article. Now, is an Xbox Series S worth it or is it better to stay on Xbox One X?

Xbox Series S has next-generation architecture; Xbox One X no

To refresh memory, Xbox One X is the premium model of the current generation, that machine published in 2017 that boasted of being silent – we can attest – and offering 4K resolution graphics with 6 TFLOPS. That is the question: Xbox Series S has 4 TFLOPS, that is, “less graphics power.” We are going to review why that number should not confuse us based on data and information.

It is not even necessary to stop to talk about very specific or dense technical data, but it is fair to start with the disadvantages: Xbox Series S offers 1440p resolution up to 120 FPS with upscaling to offer content in 4K resolution; For its part, Xbox One X does offer 4K resolution natively and has a disc reader. Series S is only digital, a point to take into account.

For those of you who are thinking of buying an Xbox One X now, which will surely drop in price due to the release of stock product of the end of its production, you will surely be interested in knowing the abysmal difference in some of its technical specifications; this time with Xbox Series S as the main winner.


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