Xbox: Night mode is coming to Xbox


Night mode is coming to Xbox. The new update to the Insider version of Xbox brings the night mode. The night mode, which offers many different customizations, will soon be available to general users.

With the Insider Program offered by Microsoft for Windows and Xbox, users can try many features under development. Night mode is being added to Xbox with the new feature added to the Alpha Skip-Ahead section of Xbox’s Insider Program.

Night mode offers features such as dimming the screen brightness, dimming the Xbox controller, dimming the Xbox power button, and yellow light filter. Also, if you want, you can completely turn off the light on the power button of the Xbox. With night mode, users can switch Xbox to dark theme and turn off HDR.

Light settings, on the other hand, offer multiple settings instead of on-off logic. Users can adjust the controller, power button, and screen brightness as they wish. Night mode can be activated automatically between certain hours with the setting of the users. Night mode is currently available for Xbox Insider users but will be generally available in the coming weeks.


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