Xbox Lockhart Appear Between Windows Lines of Code


The console named Lockhart, which is claimed to be released under the name of Series S, appeared between the lines of code of the Windows operating system. It is claimed that the console will be introduced in the coming months.

When it comes to the game console, two big brands come to mind. These brands are; Xbox and PlayStation. These two brands that have been competing for years will once again face the new generation consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Microsoft has different plans on the next generation console, which plays more openly than Sony.

As you know, Microsoft showed us the next generation console Series X with almost everything, but there is another card that the company has not played yet; Xbox Series S. Also known as Lockhart, it is claimed that this console will be Microsoft’s next-generation sub-segment console.

A new tip for Xbox Series S:

Xbox Series S, whose concept designs have been revealed before, has emerged this time between lines of code. A Twitter user named TitleOS discovered lines of code pointing to Lockhart among the operating system codes of Windows Libraries.

Moreover, Lockhart was not the only thing with reference. In addition, Anaconda, the code name of the Xbox Series X, Scorpio, the code name of the Xbox One X, and Durango, the code name of the Xbox One, are also among the lines of code.

Of course, we can say that this is a good sign for Lockhart, although it does not show that everything is going well. Recent rumors suggest that the system will be unveiled at the Xbox event in May, but nothing like this has happened. It is known that more events related to Xbox are planned in the coming months, so we can see Lockhart, the Xbox Series S, in the official promotion in the coming months.


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