Xbox Live will be renamed Xbox Network


Xbox Live will undergo a major change soon. Microsoft is already preparing the ground for the online network to be renamed “Xbox Network”. The information was given by The Verge website and was confirmed by the technology company.

The tests are already taking place on the virtual platforms and users are able to verify the name changes in specific locations. Players participating in the brand’s testing program have already started to see the new title on service panels, for example.

The novelty is also being published in Microsoft’s new contract terms. The action is quite relevant, since the terminology was used 18 years ago.

Also according to The Verge, in addition to the change, Microsoft is considering removing the requirement for a paid subscription to play free games. The information, if confirmed, will allow players to enjoy titles like Fortnite without having to pay for the service, for example.

The first indications that the decision would be made came in August 2020, when terms of Services Agreement already appeared with the Xbox Network nomenclature. At the time, any such change was officially denied.

So, what did you think of the new name? Will you miss the old Xbox Live? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!

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