Xbox Live Gold has big price increase in the US


[Updated]: Xbox Brasil has informed Voxel that the Xbox Live Gold price hike will not happen in Brazil. [Original]: In a post on Xbox News, Microsoft today revealed (22) that subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, a service needed to play online (and that brings other benefits to players, such as free games), will have a major readjustment of price in the United States. We do not yet know how the increases affect Brazil.

The new values ​​become more expensive on a case-by-case basis: the 1-month subscription has risen only $ 1, while the 3-month subscription is $ 5 more expensive. However, the biggest adjustment is in the 6-month subscription, which now costs US $ 60 (an increase of US $ 20), the same value as the old 12-month subscription, discontinued in the middle of 2020. Check out:

1 month – $ 10.99 (before $ 9.99)
3 months – $ 29.99 (before $ 24.99)
6 months – $ 59.99 (previously $ 39.99 and now the same value as the old 12-month subscription)
Microsoft reinforces in the statement that only some regions will have the price adjustment, but does not mention what they will be. Voxel has already contacted Microsoft Brazil for more details and we will update this article if we have news.

Below we see the 12-month subscription on American Amazon, which is still sold on the market.

It is worth remembering that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription brings the Live Gold included in the combo, as well as a Game Pass on the Xbox, PC and cloud (xCloud project), something that may indicate that, from now on, having the best Game Pass can be the way for many players.

Microsoft also said that the readjustment will take 45 days, which is the time needed for players to receive and view the informational email about increasing Xbox Live Gold subscription fees.


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