Xbox Japanese: “We have learned from the past”


Phil Spencer, head of the division, has shared his reflections in a recorded message for the Tokyo Game Show 2021.

With Xbox 360, Microsoft tried to reach out to the Japanese public through video games developed in that territory. Titles like Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon were the JRPG flagships during that time, but the response was lukewarm and with Xbox One the Japanese market has been relegated to the background. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has been saying for months that he wants to change that trend. In a pre-recorded message broadcast during the conference that the company has offered at the Tokyo Game Show 2020, the manager has assured that the company has learned from the past.

“Japan is a superpower in this industry,” Spencer says in the video. The head of Xbox has stressed the importance of Japanese video games, which are on the minds of “billions” of players around the world. “Yakuza, Metal Gear, Biohazard, Persona, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and even more recently, the Animal Crossing phenomenon,” he continues.

Good words for Japan

According to Phil Spencer, “Japan and its creators have shaped much of the magic that we look forward to when it’s time to enjoy a game.” The executive has continued to praise the influence of the Japanese industry in the development of games around the world, including the internal teams of Microsoft (which since the purchase of Bethesda already has a studio there, Tango Gameworks, creators of The Evil Within and from Ghostwire Tokyo).

“As we bring games to more devices, more countries and more people, we expect to see more players than ever falling in love with the stories and characters imagined in Japan.” In a clear nod to the Japanese, Spencer said that Japan is the fastest growing market for Xbox. “We have learned from the past.” Therefore, they will launch the console at the same time as in other territories. In addition, the launch of Xbox Game Pass on console and PC has increased the number of players, to the point that the volume of business they have in their territory is “the highest” since they entered the Japanese market.

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