Xbox increases download speed with suspend games


Microsoft has launched a new feature for Xbox that promises to considerably increase the download speed of games on the brand’s consoles. The interface is receiving a button to suspend active games and ensure faster internet when downloading games.

Xbox consoles usually maintain part of the internet speed that reaches the console reserved for online games and functions. The purpose of the update is to end this tether to ensure faster downloads.

According to the images of the tool, when pressing the button “Suspend my games”, all the internet speed supplied to the console is sent to the games download tab, providing faster downloads.

Currently, the function is only available to members of the Insiders program, who test certain new features of the system before a broad release. Despite the limitation, contemplated users can now use the tool on Xbox One and also on Xbox Series X and S.

The novelty begins to be tested in a great time for those who are users of the Xbox Game Pass service and usually download several games. The catalog recently received new games from Bethesda and will also feature 12 more titles in the coming days, including Octopath Traveler and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.

Microsoft has not yet revealed when the fastest downloads will be released to more users, but we already know that more news is on the way to the console system. The company is currently testing the Chrimium-based Edge browser on the Xbox line.

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