Xbox holds sales record for Xbox Series X and S Series


According to Microsoft, the launch of the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles on November 10th was very successful! Sales were so good that the systems reached the rank of the company’s best launch in its first 24 hours!

Although it did not reveal exactly how many units of each model were sold, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, posted a tweet on his personal profile celebrating the good numbers:

“Thanks for supporting the biggest launch in Xbox history,” cheered Phil. “In 24 hours we sell more consoles in more countries than in any other launch in our history. We are working with retailers to restock consoles as soon as possible. You continue to show us that the power to connect people through games is more important than ever! ”

Are you also planning to put an Xbox Series X or S in your collection? What are your expectations for the next generation of consoles? Comment below!

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