Xbox Hints at DOOM Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass


The purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft allows the publication of its entire catalog on this service. The unexpected acquisition of Bethesda will bolster Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s download and on-demand games service.

In the press release released by Phil Spencer when the purchase was announced, it was already clear that the service would be powered by ZeniMax Media video games in the future, but no further comment was made about it. Now, the official Xbox Game Pass account has given a valuable clue. And they have published an email on Twitter in which the following sentence appears: “The Slayer is coming” (the Hunter is coming).

How could it be otherwise, this is an indication of the possible arrival of DOOM Eternal to Xbox Game Pass, just as Bethesda and id Software are about to commercialize the first expansion, The Ancient Gods, which will go on sale next month. which comes as a standalone product. This means that players can enjoy the expansion without having to own a copy of the base game.

New Studios for Xbox Game Studios

With the operation carried out by Microsoft, which has been settled with the payment of 7.500 million dollars (a figure “surprisingly cheap” according to a group of analysts), those of Redmond ensure the incorporation of all the studies and intellectual properties of ZeniMax Media . Xbox Game Studios welcomes Bethesda Game Studios, ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane, id Software, and more.

Given the rumors about possible new Microsoft acquisitions, which pointed to the Tokyo Game Show 2020, those of Redmond have publicly manifested themselves and have confirmed that there will be no news in this regard during the fair. Still, they haven’t ruled out continuing to buy studios in the future.

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