Xbox Games with Gold for August 2022 revealed


The Xbox Games with Gold program has been in a strange position for some time, as many believe that it will eventually disappear. Microsoft recently announced that Games with Gold will release Xbox 360 games later this year, and this could be another step forward for it. In the end, it seems that fans are never happy with the choice of Xbox Games with Gold, and it is overshadowed by the constant updates of the Xbox Game Pass.

Nevertheless, the Xbox Games with Gold program is moving forward. Microsoft has officially unveiled four games that will be released in August to replace the Gold games available until July 31. Fans should make sure they know the specific dates during which each game will be available.

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Xbox Games with the gold list for August 2022

Calico (August 1 — August 31) ScourgeBringer (August 16 — September 15) Saints Row 2 (August 1 — August 15) Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine (August 16 — August 31)

Calico is an interesting addition to Games with Gold, at least because of its time. Calico is a community simulation game in which players are tasked with rebuilding the city’s cat cafe by supplementing it with adorable cats. Players can add furniture and decorations, cook pastries and have animals. While the viral Stray cat game is exclusive to PS4/PS5 consoles as well as PC, it ensures that Xbox fans can also get a game with Greek cats, albeit in a different way.

ScourgeBringer is also another important addition, especially for NeuroVoider fans. ScourgeBringer from the same developer is a dynamic and free—moving platform in the rogue-lite genre, in which players will have to face ancient machines and, hopefully, redeem humanity. The first Xbox 360 game is Saints Row 2, which has an equally good time. Fans of the franchise will be able to get acquainted with this more mundane gang story ahead of the launch of the Saints Row reboot at the end of August. It’s more mundane than the later installments of the franchise, but maybe not as much as Saints Row 2. However, it will be a good comparison if fans play it before the reboot.

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine will follow Saints Row 2 and is a 2013 stealth action game about committing the perfect robbery. Players will be able to do this in a single or co-op game, where they assemble a team of thieves, investigate a joint and commit a robbery. Overall, this is a pretty solid line for Xbox Games with Gold.

Xbox Live subscribers receive several free games with gold every month.


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