Xbox Game Pass Will Have 4 Releases Announced At TGA 2021


The official Xbox Game Pass for PC Twitter account shared a humorous screenshot to announce that we will have 4 more exclusive releases announced during The Game Awards 2021. This means the games will be available in the Game Pass PC catalog the same day on that become available worldwide.

The company decided to play a joke: a “confidential” email sent by an alleged employee named Melissa to the team is leaked, confirming the already published list of games that will come on the platform on day one and citing another 4 announced in the awards. “Thank you, Melissa,” says the account in the publication. Check out:

“Hello time! EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION HERE! During The Game Awards, we will announce 4 additional games arriving on Day One on the PC Game Pass, at the top of our already elite list!” says ‘Melissa McGamepass’.