Xbox Game Pass was instrumental in Contraband being an exclusive


Xbox Game Pass: Contraband was one of the important revelations at the excellent Xbox event for E3 2021. The game will be exclusive to the platform on consoles, and the Xbox Game Pass service was instrumental in that decision, as the CEO of developer Avalanche revealed in an interview.

Pim Holfve recently spoke with the folks at GamesIndustry to talk a little more about Contraband and how the partnership with Microsoft has been important in the game’s development. During the chat, the executive revealed that the Game Pass showed the importance of Xbox for the developer through another game of them, theHunter: Call of the Wild.

“The Game Pass has been really good for us, especially if we look at the title we produced ourselves. theHunter: Call of the Wild helped us prove our service model and the Xbox Game Pass was fantastic because we were able to achieve so much more players” – declared Holfve. The CEO of Avalanche then explains that it was very important to reach so many people because they started to get interested and buy the extra content of the game. Call of the Wild has over 20 DLCs.

This helped make the Xbox far more important in the design of the studio, which previously thought its games would be more popular on the PC. In addition to the reach provided by Game Pass, the proximity to Microsoft brings other advantages from the point of view of protection and helps with the technical development of Contraband. “It’s a new kind of partnership for us. (…) It made a lot of sense to work with Xbox because of the magnitude of the project. It’s not a concept we would offer to any producer.”


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