Xbox Game Pass shows 8 more games that will be released later this month, including 5 first-day games


Right on schedule, Microsoft is revealing a list of games that will appear in the Xbox Game Pass in the second half of September 2022. Today, Xbox Game Pass adds two games: Deathloop for all platforms and Hardspace: Shipbreaker for Cloud and Xbox Series X. 8 more games will be released between September 22 and 30.

One of the greatest strengths of the Xbox Game Pass is the constant influx of first-day games, and more than half of the games will be released later this month on the day and release date of the Xbox Game Pass. Without a doubt, this is an excellent indicator for the game subscription service.

A big addition today, of course, is Deathloop. After a year of exclusivity on PlayStation platforms, it finally appeared on Xbox with the new Golden Loop update. It should be noted that today Deathloop is also joining PS Plus Extra for everyone who has not yet tested it on this platform, but has subscribed to the service. However, for the Xbox Game Pass, this is just the beginning.

Slime Rancher 2 will enter early access on September 22, and it will be possible to play it with a Game Pass subscription. The first game is incredibly popular, and there is a lot of hype around Slime Rancher 2, as it introduces new slime, mechanics, functions and much more. In addition, there are Moonscars, a title similar to Souls, which has attracted a lot of attention lately, and the full release of Grounded on September 29. In general, SpiderHeck, Beacon Pines, Slime Rancher 2, Moonscars and the Paw Patrol Grand Prix all day. only titles.

Xbox Game Pass List for September 2022

September 20 Deathloop (Cloud, PC and Xbox Series X) Hardspace: Shipbreaker (Cloud, Xbox Series X) September 22 SpiderHeck (consoles and PC) Beacon Pines (cloud, console, PC) Slime Rancher 2 — game preview (Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X) September 27 Moonscars (cloud, console, PC) Grounded — full version (cloud, console, PC) September 29 Let’s Build a Zoo (cloud, console, PC) Valheim — game preview (PC) September 30 Paw Patrol Grand Prix (Cloud, Console, PC)

Obviously, not everyone will like these games, but there is a good variety here, so most subscribers are likely to find something worthwhile. Xbox Game Pass is also gaining a reputation for being very convenient for the whole family, as there are many great games for kids. The Grand Prix “Puppy Patrol” will take place on the first day, and this is even more great children’s games on the Xbox Game Pass.


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