Xbox Game Pass: Service Offered About $6,300 Worth Of Games In 2021


That Xbox Game Pass is an excellent service, with an extensive catalog with hundreds of games to enjoy on Xbox, PC or even mobile, whether downloading or playing via the cloud, we already know. What we didn’t know so far was that the subscription really paid off, financially speaking.

After all, according to The Loadout, service subscribers had access to almost US$ 6,300 worth of games, thirty-six thousand reais in titles to download and play at will.

The sum took into account the amount charged for games on the Microsoft Store. According to the website, March of this year offered the highest cost/benefit ratio, when dozens of Bethesda games were added to the catalog. That month, subscribers had access to no less than $604.

The text also states that April would have been the weakest month of the year, offering “only” US$330. Taking into account the subscription price, which costs only R$ 44.99 per month in the Ultimate version (giving access to the entire library available on the console, PC and cell phones), without a doubt, subscribing to the service is very affordable.

With the arrival of more heavyweight titles, such as the long-awaited Starfield and Redfall, for example, 2022 also promises to be quite a year for Game Pass subscribers.