Xbox Game Pass Reaches 25 Million Subscribers


Xbox Game Pass: Today is turning out to be a very important news day for Microsoft. In addition to announcing the historic acquisition of Activison Blizzard, the company also revealed that its Xbox Game Pass service has reached an impressive 25 million subscribers.

It’s a considerable number, but it is clear that Microsoft expects much more from the service – which also helps to understand the investment of almost US$ 70 billion in its most recent acquisition. It is public information that the Xbox owner had expected 48% year-over-year growth for Game Pass in the fiscal year ending June 2021, but the mark reached was 37%.

Now, reaching its 25 million subscribers, that number already represents a growth of 39% in relation to the number of players last year. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t disclosed how many of these subscribers are on console, how many on PC, and how many are on both platforms.

Certainly releases like the new Forza and Halo helped that momentum, but bringing Activision into the portfolio should be the next big move to take Xbox Game Pass to the level that Microsoft would like.

We still don’t know which Activision and Blizzard franchises will join the subscription game service, but the track record with Bethesda may have gamers optimistic. Microsoft bought this other giant recently and almost all titles on the platform are now available on Xbox Game Pass.