Xbox Game Pass Reaches 25 Million Subscribers; Trigger Their Growth


Xbox Game Pass: The service ratifies its success and reaches a new record in its number of subscribed members. Microsoft makes it official after the purchase of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass service has managed to exceed 25 million subscribed members. The North American firm has officially updated the subscriber data for the first time since last January 2021, when on these same dates they reported having reached 18 million subscribers. The news becomes official on the occasion of the purchase agreement of Activision Blizzard worth 68,700 million dollars; the largest operation that is remembered in the sector in recent times.

This is how Xbox Game Pass has evolved from 2020 to 2022

If we stick to official data and leave aside possible leaks from journalistic sources, Microsoft has offered Xbox Game Pass subscription data three times. After its premiere as such in 2017, the first time we learned of its status was in April 2020. At that time, the service had 10 million subscribers. Then, in September, after the purchase of ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) was announced, they reached 15 million members.

Finally, January 2021, a year later and with a much more aggressive content offer: 18 million subscribers. At that time, the great first parties were already being launched from day one on Game Pass and the purchase agreement for ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) was about to be closed for about 7,500 million dollars.

10 million subscribers: April 2020
15 million subscribers: September 2020
18 million subscribers: January 2021
25 million subscribers: January 2022