Xbox Game Pass Name Changed


Microsoft made a small change in the name of its monthly subscription service Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass will now be ‘Game Pass’ only. It is unknown why Microsoft made such a change.

Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world, offers a subscription system called Xbox Game Pass to both Windows and Xbox users. Qualified as “Netflix of the gaming industry”, Xbox Game Pass opens the doors of a large game library to its users with its monthly subscription system.

Microsoft made a new announcement with the strange tweets it shared recently from its Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass PC accounts. Whether you own Windows or Xbox so far, the name of the subscription service you use as an Xbox Game Pass will now be only Game Pass.

New images of Game Pass and Game Pass PC

The most interesting point here is that despite the erasure of ‘Xbox’ from Games Pass posters such as Microsoft’s profile picture and cover image, the Xbox phrase in the Twitter username continues to be present.

“+ We are trying a new look – We too”

Although Microsoft removes the phrase ‘Xbox’ from Xbox Game Pass, this development should not be interpreted as the future of Game Pass to other platforms. This is because Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in a statement last year that bringing Game Pass to other platforms is a very long-term plan and will not happen anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has retired the 12-month subscription option for Xbox Live Gold subscription. Although this development initially led to rumors that Microsoft will not include Xbox Live Gold on the next-generation game console Xbox Series X, it is more likely that Microsoft will combine Game Pass and Live Gold subscriptions.

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