Xbox Game Pass: Microsoft plans to add more Xbox


The company has spent more than four years working to make all games backwards compatible on Xbox One on Xbox Series X | S.

Backward compatibility has become one of the main differentiating bastions of Xbox Series X | S with respect to its direct competition. With support for thousands of titles, including the entire Xbox One catalog and hundreds of Xbox 360 and Xbox, Microsoft is aware of the importance of this feature for many users, this time with improvements. Jason Ronald, Director of Program Management, expects the list to grow in the future and there will be more games from previous generations on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass will continue to enrich its game library

“We have been working with Xbox Series X and Series S since 2016,” he assures Inverse. Regarding more original Xbox and Xbox 360 games on Xbox Game Pass: “Yes it’s definitely something we’re working on. Some of the problems are technical, but more often it comes down to licensing issues. In some cases, the developer or publisher no longer exists. Even tracking who we need to get approved can be very, very difficult, ”he says.

One of the advantages of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S backward compatibility is Auto HDR for titles that previously did not have high dynamic range (as long as our TV is HDR compatible); as well as the reduced loading times and, sometimes, almost testimonial in works of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox.

The future happens, however, to make that list even larger and that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can benefit from the advantages it entails. For now, on November 10, the full EA Play catalog, which includes more than 60 recent and classic Electronic Arts games, will be added to the platform at no additional cost on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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In that same interview, Ronald describes backward compatibility as a way to preserve the video game, which is the true motivation that has led the studio to dedicate so much effort to make it possible; not so much a commercial response, although it has been something highly demanded by the community.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will hit the market on November 10 at a price of 499 euros and 299 euros, respectively. In just a few hours you can read our analysis of both consoles on MeriStation.


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