Xbox Game Pass May Officially Arrive on Android TV Soon


Xbox Game Pass: An update released by Microsoft to the Xbox Game Pass Android app indicates that big tech may be paying attention to a platform it has previously ignored. Reddit user /el_gonz87 investigated the novelty’s APK and discovered, in it, the presence of a banner related to Android TV, which suggests the arrival of the solution to the system at some future time.

Although it’s possible to run the Android app on TVs with tools like Chromecast with Google TV and NVIDIA SHIELD, official support doesn’t exist so far, and even this action requires the implementation of codes or the use of unofficial solutions.

nothing confirmed

With the expansion of cloud gaming and the promise of an increasingly consolidated cross-platform experience, which includes smartphones, PCs, tablets, notebooks and even browsers, it was to be expected that newer smart TVs would enter the scene.

Google Stadia, the search giant’s game streaming service, for example, looked at such devices last month. Microsoft, of course, would not be stuck seeing competitors occupy their space in the market.

However, for now, the Xbox Game Pass remains absent from the Android TV app store, appearing only when the new APK runs on Chromecast, according to 9to5Google. For its part, Microsoft has not confirmed whether it will, in fact, distribute something like that.

Furthermore, the performance of running the Android app on TVs through familiar methods continues as before – no new features and nothing fluid. In short, the banner, as far as we know, is just a sign.


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