Xbox Game Pass may have games from Ubisoft


It is indisputable that the Xbox Game Pass is one of the most accessible gaming services today. Even with many studios already acquired by Microsoft’s gaming division, the green side of the force would still be designing a partnership with Ubisoft – and other major publishers – to publish more third-party content in the service’s catalog, according to unofficial information.

Speaking recently on the Xbox Two channel podcast, Jez Corden of Windows Central said that there were actually talks between Microsoft and Ubisoft for the Game Pass partnership: “I heard that yes, there was some kind of conversation about a more comprehensive partnership between Microsoft and Ubisoft for the Game Pass, and not just Ubisoft, other publishers as well, ”said the journalist.

Corden also said that Microsoft actually got in touch with virtually every major publisher in the industry to bring new games to the Xbox Game Pass: “It’s not a revelation, if you stop and think, because Microsoft didn’t just take EA Play and think , ‘let’s stop there’, ”explained Corden. “They are committed to getting all publishers to bring their games to the Game Pass.”

The journalist concludes the matter by saying that EA was the first of the venture to bring new games to the Xbox Game Pass, corresponding to the first deal they managed to sign.

It is worth remembering that the event further reinforces other recent rumors that Ubisoft + may join the Game Pass in 2021.

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