Xbox Game Pass Loses 5 Games Today

The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription service is constantly updated with new games, but there are days when games are also removed from the lineup. Although there are a few rare exceptions to this rule, Microsoft usually removes games from the Xbox Game Pass twice a month, once on the 15th and once at the end of the month. Since it’s July 15th, today is the last day that Xbox Game Pass subscribers can check out certain games that were available on the service.
Unfortunately, after today, some high-quality games will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass. The good news is that Xbox Game Pass games can be purchased with a 20% discount while they are still available in the service. Thus, anyone who wants to keep these games can do so at a lower price than after exiting the Game Pass. Those who are not quite sure if they want to keep these games can always try them while they are still available, but today is the last day when it can be done.
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Starting today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will lose access to Atomicrops, Carrion, Children of Morta, Cris Tales and Lethal League Blaze. Of these games, the two with the highest ratings in reviews are Carrion and Children of Morta, so Xbox Game Pass subscribers interested in these games may want to give preference to these games over others.
Xbox Game Pass Games Coming Out Today
Atomicrops Carrion Children of Morta Cris Tales Lethal League Blaze
Carrion, for the uninitiated, is described as a “reverse horror game” because it puts players in the role of monsters. In Carrion, players take control of an extremely violent blob-like creature, kill helpless people, and work their way through an object set up like a Metroidvania game. At the time of its release, Carrion received mostly positive reviews, and many horror fans were amused by its unique idea.
Meanwhile, Children of Morta is a roguelike cooperative game in which players play as members of the Bergson family with their own special skills and abilities. Like Carrion, Children of Morta received mostly positive reviews at the time of release, with many praising the cooperative features and challenging actions in the game.
While it’s sad to see these five games, it’s worth noting that the Xbox Game Pass has just received an influx of new games. More recently, Xbox Game Pass has added five more games to the lineup, including first-day releases such as Escape Academy and PowerWash Simulator. So while some may be disappointed that these fives will no longer be available on Xbox Game Pass, at least there is still something to play through the subscription service.