Xbox Game Pass Loses 4 Games At the End of the Month


Microsoft periodically announces new games coming to Xbox Game Pass within a month, usually revealing two weeks of new games at a time. It also announces titles that are also leaving the subscription service, which usually happens towards the middle and end of the month. Now Microsoft has introduced new games to fans, which will be released in July, as well as Xbox Game Pass games, which will be released on June 30.

Every month, games appear and disappear from the Xbox Game Pass subscription. Games that go away are usually sold at a discount, giving fans the option to keep them at a lower price or just try to beat them before they go away. Fans are always faced with the decision of whether they should buy games at a discounted price, and they are faced with the same decision again when the games come out next month.

The first game to leave the Xbox Game Pass on June 30 will be Fifa 20. Developed by EA as part of the Fifa series, Fifa 20 is a soccer simulation video game that allows players to play and control soccer teams in various matches and game modes. The next game to leave Xbox Game Pass on June 30 is Last Stop, a supernatural adventure game developed by Variable State. The third game leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of the month is Jurassic World: Evolution, a construction and management simulation game. Finally, the last game to leave the Xbox Game Pass on June 30 will be MotoGP 20, a motorcycle racing game.

Game Pass games will be released in June 2022

Fifa 20 Last Stop Jurassic World: The Evolution of MotoGP 20

Fifa games appear and disappear on Xbox Game Pass quite regularly, so fans won’t be so upset about it, especially with the promise of Fifa 22 on EA Play, which will be released on June 23. a month makes it easier to lose the prequel at the end of this month.

However, fans of supernatural, horror and adventure games in general may be upset by the loss of Last Stop, the debut of Annapurna Interactive in 2021. MotoGP 20 is also a loss for Xbox fans as he doesn’t have another game from his franchise currently available on Xbox Game Pass. MotoGP 22 is the last part of the motorcycle racing franchise, but nothing is yet known about whether the game will appear in the subscription service or not.

While it’s true that games appear and disappear quite often in the Xbox Game Pass, players can always count on an updated library of available games, increasing the variety of games to explore. In addition, as always, a 20% discount on the purchase of games that are going to be removed is always an additional bonus.