Xbox Game Pass Helps With The Chances of Returning Old Games


Xbox Game Pass:  Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division at Microsoft, released in a recent interview information that many gamers were suspicious and will be happy to confirm: the popularity of older games on the Xbox Game Pass can serve as a gauge or justification for them to receive a reboot, remaster or remake.

The conversation took place during the Kinda Funny Gamecast podcast, which currently can only be listened to by subscribers. The Xbox boss was asked precisely whether data from players taking advantage of old games on the console’s subscription service is something that encourages the return of these franchises in any way. Speaking of Fable, who had his comeback confirmed last year, Phil Spencer said that “certainly” the popularity of those games on the Game Pass helps justify investing in their comeback.

“Seeing more people playing something like Prey, or Dishonored, or going back to Fable, you can talk about these games. respect for the things we can take and carry forward (…)” – declared the executive.

And Phil Spencer has a hard time showing that his statement isn’t lip service. With him in front of the Xbox we saw the return of Battletoads and Flight Simulator. Besides them, we have already confirmed the return of Fable, which the executive commented on in the interview, but also Perfect Dark, another great classic with a return officially revealed.