Xbox Game Pass From France Promises ‘Amazing Announcement’ Tomorrow”


Xbox Game Pass: The official Xbox Game Pass account from France promised this Friday (4th) that players will receive an “amazing announcement” this Saturday (5th). The message also says that fans of the brand “can try to guess” what the news will be.

In response to one of the followers, the profile said that the revelation will be made in the afternoon, as they want “everyone to be wide awake”. Due to the time difference in the European country, which is 5 hours ahead of Brasília time, the announcement should take place during our morning.

Because of the atmosphere of mystery, many people started to take chances. One of the most liked comments joked that the ad will be “Battlefield 6 on Game Pass, or Switch Pro on Game Pass or Game Pass on Game Pass”.

Electronic Arts’ war game was even one of the main bets. Several users of the social network said that the title will gain new features for Microsoft’s console.

Others allowed themselves to dream higher, saying the company will reveal that the Scalebound project is back and will make it to Game Pass for Xbox Series X/S. One player even published a montage of Final Fantasy VII Remake with the Xbox One cover.

Remember that last Tuesday (1st), Microsoft revealed that For Honor (console), Backbone (PC) and Darkest Dungeon (console and PC) will arrive for subscribers now in June.

And you, what’s your guess? What do you think the revelation will be? Let us know in the comments section below!


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