Xbox Game Pass focuses on bringing more games


Phil Spencer says they don’t just want to focus on exclusives from Microsoft Game Studios, but also on games from third-party publishers.

One of the great discoveries of this generation has been Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that has convinced the entire industry that perhaps this business model is not so bad after all. The presence not only of all the exclusives of Microsoft Game Studios, such as the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, but also of great third party games, have made their popularity grow, and it is precisely in this section where the North American company will put emphasis, as recognized by Phil Spencer.

This August, Man of Medan, Final Fantasy VII and Darksiders Genesis, among others, have been added to the service, among others, to which we must add other great games from third-party publishers such as A Plague Tale: Innocence, Soul Calibur VI or the great Red Dead Redemption 2, which will leave the Xbox Game Pass catalog in September.

Microsoft’s intention is to grow in this regard. “In addition to all of our first party games from day one on Xbox Game Pass, the team is focused on bringing many more third party games to the service,” said Phil Spencer on Twitter, in response to an article in The Verge on the that compare Game Pass to Netflix, as has become customary in recent times.

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August additions to Xbox Game Pass

In addition to the games already mentioned, there will be other very interesting titles that will be added to the catalog of this service. Without going any further, Battletoads is now available, being a remarkable tribute to the great Rare classic, while in the next few days Wasteland 3 will also arrive, being the first inXile exclusive since it became part of Microsoft Game Studios. In September, nothing less than Resident Evil VII and Crusader Kings III will be available, this one in its PC version.


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