Xbox Game Pass continues to grow at full speed


The Microsoft subscription service is consolidated with a great state of exit before the arrival of all the ZeniMax (Bethesda) studios.

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Game Pass has reached 15 million subscribers worldwide. The last known official data dates from last April, when there were 10 million players subscribed to the service. This is a growth of 5 million players (50% of its previous total) in just five months; one million per month.

Xbox Game Pass gains followers in 2020 for Xbox Series X | S

As the North American company has advanced in a meeting with Bloomberg on the occasion of the purchase of ZeniMax Media, which carries with it all the Bethesda studios and licenses, satisfaction with its ecosystem of user loyalty grows as expected.

In the latest financial report of the company (data until June 30, 2020), Microsoft reflected an 11% growth in the benefits obtained from its digital content and services; an upward evolution that they blamed, mainly, for the confinements derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenge, however, is not to lose loyalists from now on. From this month of September includes streaming game (formerly known as xCloud) at no additional cost on all Android terminals.

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