Xbox Game Pass Confirms New First-Day Game for 2022


Although Xbox Game Pass often announces its new list of games at the beginning and middle of the month, sometimes these announcements appear unexpectedly. Often a new game is revealed, and it confirms itself as the new name of the Xbox Game Pass of the first day. That’s exactly what happened with its newest first-day title.

Soccer Story is a new adventure role—playing game from Panic Barn! and No More Robots, and today, August 11, a new trailer was presented. This trailer confirms that the game for several platforms, including PC, Stadia, Switch and Xbox Game Pass, will be released sometime in 2022.

Soccer Story takes place a year after an apparent disaster, as a result of which Soccer Inc. does not allow anyone to look at a soccer ball or kick it. That is, until the magic soccer ball chooses the player as the Savior of football. Most of the gameplay is based on physics, and the magic ball can solve many PC problems. The graphics also give it an almost rustic look, which makes it look like a good comfortable game. Throughout the game, players will “solve problems, engage in random sports and save the world, all with the help of your magic football.”

Of course, Americans will immediately know that this is football, and those who are overseas will recognize it as football. Apparently, according to No More Robots PR representative Mike Rose, Soccer Story sounds much better than Football Fable, and “This is football!” may be the line in the game. Anyway, everything seems interesting. The exact release date is not specified, except for the release window of 2022, but this means that somewhere in the next four months it will appear in the Game Pass.

Of course, a lot is happening with Game Pass right now. Today, on August 11, he added Cooking Simulator, Expeditions: Rome and Offworld Trading Company, and on August 23 he plans to add Midnight Fight Express. Most likely, the announcement of new games will take place soon. However, soon the Xbox Game Pass will also lose five games. On August 15, Boyfriend Dungeon, Curse of the Dead Gods, Library of Ruin, Starmancer and Train Sim World 2 will disappear.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive several new games every month.


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